Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunset Beach

Last weekend was full of celebration as Maisie neared her second birthday.

We started things off with a beach trip and were a tad disappointed because the weather app promised said 75-80 degrees without a cloud in sight, but it never got above 65 and the sunshine never broke through the clouds. A simple way to describe it would be, Oregon-like weather. Gray, lack luster skies covered with a claustrophobic blanket of clouds. It was not what we were looking for and if I ever feel a twinge of sadness for my home state, I will remember this moment and then be thankful I live in such a sunshine filled state.

But Maisie even with a few shivers, never complained. She still braved the water, got sand in every crevice possible and was so content stomping on sand castles and running along the shoreline. Oh and we found 5 perfectly intact sand dollars! I think that's a record! They were everywhere. Is there such a thing as a sand dollar season? Remember what they look like in the wild

Here are pictures from our not-so-sunny but still fun beach day...



look at all of the sand in her hair



adding the finishing touches