Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Falcon

Our last day in Oregon I had an agenda and that agenda was to make/buy/plan something special for Austin. You see, the next day (the day he flew back home) was not only Father's day, but it was our third anniversary. Double whammy right? What am I supposed to do on limited funds (I had to use cash or he would see the bank account) and with only $12 that doesn't get you too far. I decided to go the crafty/homemade route and idea after idea I would shut it down. I didn't want it to be corny.
 I just wanted it to be special.

I was taking a diaper out to the trash and conveniently parked outside was the Falcon. This is Austin's first baby and I guess mine too seeing how I married in. Oh the Falcon. This car was where we had our first kiss (and many more), where I would sit in the middle of the bench seat because the passenger side was just too far from Austin, where we would read O'henry stories for hours, drove to graduation in, where we would talk about what we hoped the future would be like, drive the long winding roads to the coast in, it was even involved in the proposal (even all the way in AZ) and what we drove to our honeymoon hotel after our wedding day. We were invincible in that car. The world was ours and when I think back to those days of being in love so young, you bet the Falcon is a pivotal character of that story.

Just this week we talked about how we are going to fix it up one day and drive it every Sunday.  One day it will be our leisurely Sunday car. Funny, seeing how it use to be very opposite I.E flying down damp dark streets to make curfew.

I knew I had to do something with the Falcon and driving it down to California wasn't an option so I decided to give it some much deserved love. Maisie and I scrubbed (lets be honest Maisie was more enthralled with the bubbles than "daddy's car") until the Ford Falcon baby blue (that's really the name of the color) sparkled. I am pretty sure I broke my finger doing so too. Note to self: steel edges hurt if your soapy pinky finger collides into one. Yeah, I heard it crunch.

1st step: balloons. Fill the car with multicolored balloons. It took two days to recover from the headache/dizziness of blowing up said balloons by mouth.

2nd step: Doll Maisie up. Yellow striped dress and pigtails. Need I say more?

3rd step: Take pictures of Maisie on top/in/around the Falcon.

Final step: print/frame give to Austin.

I guess the very last step is sharing them here, so lets get to it.









Here's to having the best husband and dada ever! We love you so much!
-your girls-

Oregon (again)

Austin left on another business trip, but this time for two weeks to Las Vegas. Maisie and I toughed it out for a week until we flew back to Oregon. It was a low key trip, we saw who we could (it's hard to see everyone when I don't have a car) and made mental plans to see more people when we all come back (yes Austin too) in August. I love going some where so familiar. I was born and raised in Salem so I know the ins and outs of the odd town. It's so comforting to come back each time and realize it has hardly changed. The memories are so rich and Austin and I will always have a special place in our hearts for the town that we met and fell in love in.

This trip included lots of swinging...

Check out the same trees 3 months earlier here 


A trip to the Gilbert house to reunite with friends...

My kindergarten class took it's first field trip here so it was fun come back with Maisie.


lambs ear



Maisie & Keenan


Bouncing in her infant bouncer...


Olive fingers...

olive fingers

And washing the Falcon AKA "Dada's car"...

washing the falcon

washing the falcon2

which leads up to a special photo shoot for father's day.

(Thanks Miranda for letting me steal the last 4 pictures from your FB)

Memorial Day @ Gilroy Gardens

On Memorial Day we wanted to do something special so we narrowed down the options to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk or Gilroy Gardens. After some debate we decided on Gilroy Gardens because Maisie hadn't stopped talking about it since our last visit, so we were excited to take her back. The weather was perfect and we ate our fill of BBQ, lemonade, ice-cream and popsicles on gingham covered picnic benches. After filling our bellies we proudly watched as Maisie braved all of the rides. 

"spinning ride"












wee frames

wee frames

Does it make us bad parents if we secretly hope Maisie will need glasses?
Come on, just look at how dang cute she is.

Friday, June 22, 2012


hipster baby

Thank you Mr. Potato head for letting my daughter borrow your very becoming stache.