Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Golden Gate Park

The other day we went on a car ride to San Fransico to see some of the areas we have been wanting to see for awhile. The rules were simple, no spending money. So we packed a picnic style lunch, plenty of healthy snacks and the Moo (Maisie Moo that is) and set off. The car ride was a little over 40 minutes to our first stop, Golden Gate park, where we ate our lunch and let Maisie run around. The weather was very Oregon like with gray skies and not at all warm, definitely coat weather. Maisie didn't mind it one bit and was content taking fist fills of sand and pouring them onto the metal slide, swinging and playing pretend in the big blue boat. After we finished up at the children's park, we walked all the way down to the beach where we ran into a huge windmill. Golden Gate park is massive! There is so much to do and I can't wait to come back on a (hopefully) sunny day for the botanical gardens.


park 2

Maybe it's my Dutch heritage, but I just love windmills. Who doesn't right?
Our trusty Vdub: Wolfie Herzog-Horst Lee. Austin sometimes calls him Aldo.

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