Monday, August 13, 2012

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad





I have been wanting to take Maisie to Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad in Los Gatos for quite some time now, so Saturday, we finally took her.
 Maisie LOVES trains, remember her choo choo song

It was incredibly hot that day, so we only rode the train once and then spent a couple hours enjoying sno-kones in the shade and walking around the huge park (it has streams, a lake that you can paddle board on, a play structure complete with an airplane AND a firetruck and a stage for Shakespeare plays on Summer nights.) I have a feeling we will be going back very soon.

p.s I forgot my camera, so these were taken with our phones. Lame, but better than nothing right?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Picking Strawberries @ Gizdich Ranch













Wednesday, a friend picked me and Maisie up and we made our way towards Watsonville to a family owned farm for a play date. We met a handful of our mommy friends and their babes and had such a fun day picking strawberries, eating delicious picnic food and letting the kids go crazy exploring the farm. Their strawberry shortcake a la mode (yes it had icecream AND homemade whipped cream) was the best I have ever had (that's saying something) and I plan on making another trip specifically for another round of that bad boy. I brought Austin home a slice of Strawberry Rhubarb pie (his favorite other than key lime or lemon meringue) and he ate it all in less than a minute, so I am guessing that it was pretty dang good as well. Next time we head to Sunset beach (same town just way west), this will be our first stop.

Bonfire @ Muir Beach







A few weeks ago we decided to try a new beach just North of San Fransico called Muir Beach. A week prior to that, we were hiking at Muir Woods, when we followed the signs that led us to the near by beach where we instantly fell in love. It was dark out and we were starving (we had a dinner date planned at the SF Rainforest Cafe) so we didn't stay long, but we made it a point to come back the following weekend and so that's what we did. Austin and I both agree this is our favorite beach that we have been to since becoming "locals". It feels private, has a beautiful coast-like look and with the perfect amount of beach. The best part is you can have a bonfire anywhere! Which trust us, California is not as friendly with bonfires as one would think (by far the worst part about our Californian beaches). So we were over the moon when we discovered this little beach. As an added bonus you have to drive over the Golden Gate to get to it and we just love an excuse to do that.