Thursday, November 8, 2012

In the car...

Maisie became super slaphappy while we were driving to who knows where. She was saying incredibly silly things. For example, she saw a bunch of geese in a field and than proceeded to say she wanted to eat them all (should i be worried?). Then the giggle fit began as she kept repeating "Eat the geese? Yummy geese!" 

Anyway, Austin keeps his phone on a GPS holder thing in the middle of the car console which is perfectly centered in front of Maisie, so Austin was trying to take a no hands video of her evil laugh, but he instead took this picture...

Ever wondered what the Lee family looks like while driving in the car?
Well there you have it.

Excuse the no makeup and messy mom hair but that's how I roll 90% of the time.

And Maisie's face? Pure silliness.