Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things she says...

Maisie has been amazing us with her vocal abilities lately. We have been loving all of her observations, silly impressions and sweet compliments (the girl sure knows how to butter us up) . Every day she has us cracking up about something she has said or beaming with pride at the sweet and intelligent girl she has become.


"I don't have issues!" But we all know thats a lie... haha

"I'm melting!" after spilling water on herself. Wizard of Oz really left an impression on her.

After I pointed to a picture of her that was taken when she was just a couple months old and asking her "Do you know who that baby is?" she responded with "That's baby Jesus!"

"It's _______ (stuffed animal's name) birthday. Can we make him a cake?" haha nice try.

"You're my best friend!"

After she forces us to pretend cry she hugs us and says: "Oh, don't cry. It's okay. Don't be sad."

"Don't worry. It's not a big deal."

"Let's watch Jeopardy!" Goodness, I love this girl.

"There's a puncture, we need to mend it." What the what!?

In a British accent "Ello, I'm Mai-SAY" "mum-may" "dad-day"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"Can we take Kermit home please?"

"I'm so glad to see you!"

"5 more minutes!" when asking her to come over to eat usually when she's playing in her circus tent.

"ready or not, here I come!"

"I'm Woody! Howdy, howdy, howdy!"

"It's a bit too loud/quiet/cold/hot"

"I'm starving." I think she got that from me. I tend to be dramatic about my hunger pangs.

"It's freezing cold!"

"I... want... my.... mommy!"

"I've missed you!"

"My crib is beautiful... see no poops!" Yes Maisie once made a huge mess when she supposed to be napping once. I don't think we have fully recovered yet.

"Oh dear!" (also, oh bother and rats/drats).

Mommy, you're cute.

"Daddy is having issues." This happens quite frequently.

"You came back!"

"You're pooping daddy, aren't you? You're pooping!" Said very randomly (and casually) when we were all cuddling in bed early one morning. One of the funniest things I have ever heard.

"Let's all calm down guys."

"Look at you go!" Never fails to make me smile.

"Bless you ______." (who ever sneezed)

"Daddy's hair is pretty, huh Mommy?"

"Would you like some tea? Blow on it first, it's hot!"

"I'm so really really full." also, tired and hungry.

Miranda was reading Hamlet for school so there's been a lot of Hamlet talk around the house which led Maisie to say: "You're a Hamlet!"

"Austin! Sammie!" She thinks it's funny that we have real names. haha

Not only does she say funny things, but she also names her stuffed animals/toys odd names.
Let's see, we have...

A seahorse named Tom Tummy. No joke that's his name. We still have no clue how she came up with it.
A cat named Cute.
A dolphin named Obi.
A blanket named Wookie. (Sensing a Star Wars theme?)
A frog named Cha Cha.
A doll named Peggy.
A snail puppet named Marsall.
The iPad is called the Hi-pad. haha

Oh, and she just recently started coming up with nicknames for things like:
Gram for Grandma, Gramp for Grandpa, dipe (diaper), Kip (Kipper), Mais (Maisie)

This little girl cracks me up. She's feisty and goodness, is she smart! She always has something to say and I love hearing her cute little voice. If she's not chatting it up, she's either singing one of the many songs she already knows or making one up as she goes. Austin and I always talk about how she is a beam of sunshine. Albeit, and exhausting beam of sunshine, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
She truly brings so much happiness to our lives.