Monday, March 25, 2013


I love March because the early signs of the impending spring are a lovely reminder that my birthday is just around the corner. All of the daffodils, tulips and blue bells start pushing their way up and litter the grass with pops of color that are quite a sight for sore eyes after the dull winter.

The thing is about March (at least in Oregon) that sometimes those flowers bloom only to be frosted over a week later and unfortunately are just too delicate to tolerate the cold. Fortunately, this has not been one of those springs. The flowers just keep coming and coming and now all the cherry blossoms (my favorite tree) are in full bloom.

I mean seriously check this out...

You people that I know in Arizona (you know who you are), you can just be quiet with your already 80+ weather, because 73 in Oregon in March is just fantastic.

Anyway, way earlier this month after the morning fog burned off Maisie and I went outside (it was still really cold) to see if we could find any signs of Spring. Sure enough little flowers were popping up and the trees had faint evidence of buds. I was so excited pointing out all the blooms to Maisie and telling her why the flowers were coming up. Needless to say she loves Spring.



She found a worm... of course.



p.s in case you're wondering, in the first picture of Maisie, its a piece of grass in her mouth not the worm. Haha glad I cleared that up, because she has been known to give worms kisses.

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