Friday, April 5, 2013


Austin and I just bought our first comforter since being married and we are feeling pretty adult about it. We have been using one that we picked out for our wedding registry and it has been good to us, but almost 4 years later it needed to be replaced. My brother and sister in law recommend a comforter that they just bought and after feeling it, we both knew we wanted one. It's crazy nice and we probably spent more money than we should have, but we got it for a good deal. 

Anyway, it came yesterday and after setting it up Austin, Maisie and I laid under it feeling proud of our purchase, when Austin asked "is this synthetic down or real?" meaning to sound kiddingly haughty I replied "Austin this is EUROPEAN duck down." Maisie thought about the words and looked at Austin, pointed and said "daddy, YOU'RE A-PEEING!" (European). We all laughed which fed the fire because she continued on by saying "I'M A-PEEING!" which naturally led to "EVERYONE'S A-PEEING!"

She is filled to the brim with silliness and oh, how I love her for it.

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  1. I had to read this one to Paul! I love silly littles :)