Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2 year old cuddles

It's now after midnight and Maisie is officially 3 years old. Today and well into tonight I was busy making party favors (oh and making a run to the store for more rubber cement) so Austin put Maisie to bed. After the initial stress of my all-day-long crafting wore off I realized I had missed her last bedtime routine as a two year old. Maisie had already been silent on the monitor for over 25 minutes so I knew she was sleeping, but I had to go in to see her. As I opened the door and made my way closer to the crib I could see Maisie's face- her eyes open wide and she was grinning from ear to ear. "My mommy!" she said in an excited whisper. I held out my arms and she crawled into them and said "Mommy just hold me for a little bit please." I told her that I needed some more two year old cuddles and it made her smile. I sat in the rocking chair as she told me stories about how "Daddy is much to big for her crib" and that her birthday is in May, that she will be 3 and her party will be at the carousel. I listened to her chat away until she became more and more tired. I started singing our nighttime song and within seconds she laid her head down on my shoulder and slowly surrendered to sleep. Maisie has not fallen asleep in our arms in well over a year. She has dozed off a few times, but this time she was a flour sack in my arms- heavy and limp, complete with little sleep twitches. I sat there rocking and humming to her, rubbing her back and playing with her hair for as long as I could-taking the moment in and loving her so much.

It was a perfect way to say goodnight to my two year old.

Happy Birthday my little Maisie.

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