Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bath time!

Some of my favorite times are Maisie's bath time albeit rather exhausting times. While bathing her I feel like I say "hold still please" or "come closer" at least a hundred times so between that and a sore back and arms from wrangling her slippery body, well let's just say it can be pretty frustrating (have I mentioned our bath tub is 3 feet tall so that complicates matters). I have also been guilty of getting frustrated while trying to wash, untangle and de-fuzz her curls (they are unruly, but worth it). But the reason bath nights are some of my favorite moments completely trumps those frustrating times. Those long dark wet lashes, silly bubble beards and wrinkly rasin toes are just perfection. I just can't get enough.

Maisie was extra happy in the bath last night so as her photographer mother, I needed to preserve those moments forever. She was just too cute.