Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk

For Maisie's birthday she got some sidewalk chalk (Thanks Uncle Nat fat and Aunt Meg!) which has now become her favorite medium for creating toddler art. So one afternoon we decided to trace all of us to make a chalk family (everyone remembers doing that right?) Anyway, it turned out cute, but Austin and I had a good laugh about how my hips translated on chalk.
What can I say? My hips don't lie.

Oh and p.s- I was standing on top of a ladder in order to take this picture.

Maisie always requests a monster.
This was Austin's interpretation that day.

We taught her how to play hop scotch.

Oh that little pull-up bum

Skipping the number 5- if you look closely you can see the rock she threw on it.

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