Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Backyard Campout

Austin and I are starting to prepare for our upcoming move to Idaho, so we have been going through all of our stuff to organize, sell/donate or replace. While digging through a pile of stuff in the garage, we came across our tent that we bought shortly after we were married hoping we would be an outdoorsy camping couple. Well, the tent has yet to be used for "real" camping, but Austin did set it up for a daddy/daughter campout a couple of weeks ago. The two of them were so cute and excited for their "camping adventure". Before it got too dark, I snuck out and took a couple pictures of the camping duo.



Arnie- Maisie took it upon herself to give the cat a name.

I told her she could pick two animal friends, these were the lucky two.


And if you were wondering if she ever fell asleep, I made Austin provide proof...