Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Coughing Song

One night last week after I had already put Maisie to bed, she was still awake when Austin came home.  Side note- It's not unusual for her to stay awake up to an hour after initial bed time because she has to talk and sing herself to sleep and sometimes it takes awhile for her to actually feel tired enough to close her eyes. Anyway, I had the baby monitor on and could hear her singing something, but I couldn't quite hear the words. Austin went downstairs to say goodnight and upon opening the door Maisie became silent and shy. Austin asked her what she was singing about and then she proceeded to sing a song she made up about having a cough- strange seeing how she hasn't had one in quite some time.

The next morning when she came into bed with us Austin asked her to sing the coughing song to me and instantly she sang the song she made up the night before perfectly, which is odd because she usually can't remember the words to her made up songs because she makes up too many to remember, but for some reason this one has stayed with her. She still sings it on a daily basis and gets everyone to crack up with her silly song writing skills.

I present to you... The Coughing Song:

If you would like to sing along, here are the lyrics:
You just have a cough
and it's out of sight. 
You need a drink of water
and a hune-a-fier.
 (aka the humidifier)

p.s only my child would actually say "out of sight" haha!