Saturday, August 3, 2013

Capitol Fountains





Since being back in Salem (where I was born and raised) I have been sharing parts of my childhood with Maisie and it's been really fun. Places I would play, visit, see are now all apart of Maisie's childhood and that feels really good to share that with her.

So it was about time we took her to the Capitol Fountains. Our Capitol is lovely- the prettiest state Capitol I have ever been to and I always did have a soft spot for the golden pioneer man... the "Brawny Woodsman". Ooh la la.

The Flag park is close by and I remember thinking about how weird it was that on the reverse side of our flag is a beaver. I mean that's cool and all Oregon, but I have lived in this state wayy too long and never once have I seen one, but we're the beaver state nonetheless. Random fact: Did you know that Oregon is the only state that has a double sided flag? One of those sides being the aforementioned beaver of course.

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