Thursday, November 14, 2013


My little Maisie is officially 3 1/2 today. I'm trying to wrap my head around how it could be possible because 3 1/2 is closer to 4 and 4 is almost 5 and 5 year olds start kindergarten- ah, some one stop me, I feel my head spinning! Could it really be true that my baby, the precious girl who made me a mama really be 3 1/2?!

I'm blown away by her, not only by her sweet and silly spirit, but how perfectly she completes me. I truly don't know how else to explain it other than saying she's the one for me. I couldn't have been entrusted with a more perfect daughter .

Happy half-birthday Maisie! Thank you for blessing my life more than I thought was imaginable.

p.s yes, we celebrated with half of a funfetti cake because what would a half-birthday be without funfetti?!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We're off to see the Wizard!




Our pumpkins were Nightmare Before Christmas themed because it's currently Maisie's favorite.

We had finished up The Wizard of Oz book and had been watching the movie like crazy so we decided we would be the gang for Halloween. In the book Dorothy mentions that the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman were her best friends and although she loved the lion, she was much closer to the other two. So we decided to nix the cowardly lion and come up with some sort of costume. The only things we bought to make these outfits were my burlap, Maisie's shoes, Austin's axe and silver spray paint. Everything else we just found around the house. Pretty pocketbook friendly.

We started the night with a trunk or treat followed by a hot chocolate break to warm up (G's german chocolate coco is out of this world good!),  hit up our neighborhood for good old fashioned trick or treating and then finished the night at Hayden and Summer's eating homemade chili and hanging out with friends. 

Our intention was to have Hayden and Summer over for a scary movie later Halloween night, but we were all too tired, so we did it the next night. We made homemade pizzas and watched The Conjuring. It was the most hilarious and frightening night of my life. I screamed- like full on screamed like 4 times. No joke. I kept waking Maisie up and she gave Austin a huge lecture on how we were being to loud. haha 

If you want to see a trailer and freak yourself out be my guest- watch it here.

I would say Halloween was a huge success. We have more than enough candy to make all of us thoroughly sick, it didn't snow, Idaho's halloween spirit is impressive and we spent it with friends. 
2014 better step it up.

Halloween Photo Shoot



bad kitty



My friend Summer had her maternity pictures done by a local photographer in Rexburg and when we saw she was having a fun Halloween session for littles, we thought it would be so cute for Maisie and Avery. They all turned out so cute! Maisie is of course a ham, but sometimes it's difficult to get her to look directly at the camera. I am very happy how they turned out!

p.s Mom and Dad- if you want copies without the "caretouch" watermark, just let me know!

Hemming Village Fall Harvest








The Saturday before Halloween, we went to the family fall festival at Hemming Village in Down town Rexburg. It was so warm and sunny that we even wore short sleeves AND ordered frozen yogurt (!), but it pains me to say I think those warm days are over, as we have started getting a little snow already. Anyway, the festival was a lot of fun. Everything was free- great for us because we are poor students now. Maisie loved looking at all of the costumes (the Disney movie villains were her favorite especially Ursula) getting her nails painted, getting her face painted, going on the hay ride and participating in the costume parade.

This Halloween season Maisie had four occasions to dress up in costume. She would have been Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz all of the occasions had her outfit been finished (I had to sew parts of it and finding those ruby red slippers was more difficult than previously expected) but lucky for her she got to dress up in four different outfits- a make shift cat costume for a halloween photo shoot, a lamb costume my mom sent for a trunk or treat,  a cowgirl dress we had from last year for the festival and then of course Dorothy on Halloween night. Could she be any more spoiled? haha