Tuesday, December 31, 2013

1st Snow

The most terrifying snowman you ever did see.

He looks a lot less menacing with a hat.

Maisie's first snow! She is obsessed with the stuff. If Austin and I had snow appropriate clothing we might enjoy it as much as her, but we don't so therefore we don't haha. We usually oblige her with a short outing once a day, but sometimes that doesn't stop the nagging and begging for more snow play. That girl would play outside until she was gangrenous from frostbite, no joke. I don't understand how her concept of temperature could differ so much from ours, maybe it's a kid thing? Oh well, we better take on her attitude of snow because it's going to be a long winter if we don't. I mean, who could hate the fluffy white stuff?! We currently have two more feet of it outside as we speak and a roofless igloo. How does one build an igloo roof?

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