Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rexburg Ducks

These pictures were taken in early November and in retrospect all I can think to myself is how in the world did I think it was cold then!? Now we are surrounded in multiple feet of snow and the odds of it melting before spring are slim to none- if anything we will just be adding a few more feet. Bleh. I am happy though that we are in the 20s again because two weeks of -12 as the HIGH was pretty lame. Last week it got to 37 and it felt like summer, no joke! I will say though that despite the cold and snow it's sunny and bright almost everyday and I do appreciate that. 

ANYWAY, back to this day in November... We met our friends Summer, Hayden and little Avery at the nearby park to feed the ducks and do some fishing. While throwing rocks a christmas ornament washed up right next to Maisie and she was in heaven as she was shouting "LOOK MAMA! A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!" over and over and over. Summer and I couldn't stop giggling at Maisie's enthusiasm. Maybe we will head to that park soon to see if the pond froze over yet, my educated guess would say yes. Idaho, you are cold, but I guess I like you anyway. 

p.s the other day we saw a bald eagle!

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