Thursday, January 30, 2014


So we have some news...

Maisie is going to be a big sister! We will be welcoming a new little babe into our family come July 20th! 

We should be finding out the gender in a couple weeks and we can't wait to finally know! Maisie has changed her mind about the gender, up until this week she was convinced it* was a boy who she wanted to call Jeffrey (haha thats my dad's name!) but for some reason this week she thinks it's a girl who she wants to call Ellie. Maisie talks about "our baby" every day and it makes my heart swell just imagining her as a big sister- she was made for the job.

Words cannot describe our happiness for this dancing little baby who makes mama crave gherkins (mini dill pickles), lime pop-sickles, blue Powerade and at least 10 consecutive hours of sleep. :)

*Sorry for referring to the baby as it... there really needs to be a better way to address the gender of a child of the unknown variety. When I was pregnant and before we confirmed that Maisie was a girl we would call her Pat because of it's gender neutral/ambiguous nature... Oh and because of the SNL sketch and then later turned movie "It's Pat" haha!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

1st day of preschool!

I'm still processing the fact that my little Maisie has started preschool and therefore can't fully communicate my mixed feelings about it yet, but as I stood in the freezing air taking the mandatory first day of school pictures, I was beaming with pride. I mean look at her...

There is no doubt in my mind that the world is a better place because she's apart of it.

Just the three of us

Our friend Sam got married in September just days before our big move to Idaho. The wedding was incredible, Maisie had as much fun as us and we danced the night away in the middle of one of my favorite forests in Oregon. Erich Mcvey was the photographer (duh) and if you all remember he took our family photos over two years ago (need a refresher? See them here). Anyway, he was kind enough to take a picture of the three of us at the wedding and I am so thankful he did! It's rare to get a picture of all of us without being an iPhone selfie or setting up the tripod haha. The humidity wasn't kind to my hair that day and either was the fact that we were packing a moving truck up until the moment we left for the wedding, but look at my child- she is perfection and so is my handsome husband. Could I be anymore lucky? I mean really.