Thursday, January 30, 2014


So we have some news...

Maisie is going to be a big sister! We will be welcoming a new little babe into our family come July 20th! 

We should be finding out the gender in a couple weeks and we can't wait to finally know! Maisie has changed her mind about the gender, up until this week she was convinced it* was a boy who she wanted to call Jeffrey (haha thats my dad's name!) but for some reason this week she thinks it's a girl who she wants to call Ellie. Maisie talks about "our baby" every day and it makes my heart swell just imagining her as a big sister- she was made for the job.

Words cannot describe our happiness for this dancing little baby who makes mama crave gherkins (mini dill pickles), lime pop-sickles, blue Powerade and at least 10 consecutive hours of sleep. :)

*Sorry for referring to the baby as it... there really needs to be a better way to address the gender of a child of the unknown variety. When I was pregnant and before we confirmed that Maisie was a girl we would call her Pat because of it's gender neutral/ambiguous nature... Oh and because of the SNL sketch and then later turned movie "It's Pat" haha!