Tuesday, February 18, 2014

cute fruit

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! With Maisie I felt like I was pregnant forever- time passed so slowly (maybe, just maybe it was the 18 weeks of unrelenting morning/day/night sickness and then weekly psychical therapy due to sciatica ) but this time around I only had about 6 weeks of  nausea/dizziness/seasickness (that conveniently took place Thanksgiving through Christmas) and even then that was too long in my book. 

Now that the sickess has passed, everything is going smoothly and I even have enough energy to exercise. I briskly walk 10-12 miles a week on an indoor track at the University while pushing Maisie in a stroller and its been doing wonders on my overall spirits. Other news? I am officially sporting a baby bump and wake up to little nudges almost every morning. I can't wait to meet this little babe, July can't come fast enough!

p.s isn't this app so fun? I love getting weekly updates on just how big the little babe is. Maisie also gets a kick out of knowing too. She proudly exclaims every fruit/vegetable and jumps up and down with joy. I am so blessed to have a child who understands and is so ecstatic about this pregnancy. Honestly, when I feel a little stressed or anxious about all the upcoming changes, she encourages me by being so darn excited. Anyone who knows little Maisie knows she has such an infectious enthusiasm and I just adore that about her. She makes this pregnant gig a pleasure, even when my back aches, or I am so exhausted I can barely function or when I am hungry, but nothing sounds good or am craving something that is completely unobtainable in Idaho, this little babe growing within me and the darling daughter who can't wait to be a big sister make it completely worth it.

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