Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lord help the mister...

 Maisie is going to have a little sister!

We had our ultrasound appointment early Thursday and it was a blast watching Maisie take everything in. She started jumping up and down screaming "It's Ellie!! Maisie and Ellie! Maisie and Ellie! We are going to be the best sisters in the whole wide world!"when the ultrasound tech confirmed Maisie's suspicions of a little sister were correct. By the way, Austin and I have never once brought up the name "Ellie" Maisie has completely taken it upon herself to name her sister and refuses to even consider another name. I have been trying my very best to put my foot down, but Maisie's will is strong and the name is growing on everyone. Maisie has some pretty sound tactics too like always saying Maisie and Ellie together makes them sound like a pair already and who can say no to that? Gosh, this baby may be called Ellie by default all because of her big sister, but at least Maisie picked a cute name right?

 Baby girl (notice how I didn't say Ellie yet- where do you think Maisie gets her stubbornness from anyway?!) was being very shy, crossing her legs very lady like and hiding her sweet face behind both hands. She also wouldn't hold still for more than a second! The ultrasound tech would line up a good picture, but every single time she went to take a picture baby girl would bust into dance. We saw how perfect she was, just unfortunately didn't get a very good picture to take home... oh well.

In the words of my sister "Dude! What a bear cub! Holy claws!"

We are in love with this little girl already and can't wait to meet her in July! I am over the moon that I will have a pair of sisters running around the house or as Austin says "a little Sammie and a little Katie". Words cannot describe how thankful I am. Life is good!

p.s the title reference is from the song "Sisters" from the movie "White Christmas". And the mister in this scenario is most definitely Austin. He is so excited, but I can tell he feels eerily outnumbered which is understandable because he totally is haha! 

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  1. I am so excited for Maisie! She will be a wonderful big sister and they will be so close. It's so fun watching my boys grow and bond and it's wonderful that you get to experience it too!