Monday, April 21, 2014

Cape Kiwanda

On one of our last days in Oregon we made a day trip to the coast. We started the day in Pacific City at Cape Kiwanda. It's becoming one of our favorite beaches- it always seems so much warmer, plus the easy to access tide pools AND the killer view of Haystack rock need anything else? Ice cream or maybe delicious fish tacos? But yes it has that too. I've always been a Neskowin girl (just 15 miles south of Pacific City) which is more secluded and even more beautiful, but it requires a little hike to get a great spot and with little ones- that's not always the most ideal. :)

We finished the day off with halibut fish and chips from Mo's and a little shopping at the outlets where baby girl got a few new things. Oh those nesting urges, I wish we had more money to spend on this little one, but a poor college student's budget isn't really leaving much room for baby things. It's not about the things really, but as any mama knows- you get some kind of high from buying baby items. It just helps to make it seem more real because until that baby is placed in your arms, you need little reminders like newborn socks and onesies to help it hit home more. Right? Mama friends back me up on this ok?

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