Sunday, May 18, 2014

4th birthday - carnival party

Since going to the Oregon State Fair last September, every night during family prayers Maisie says "I'm thankful for the fair and the bumper cars." (Yes, she has said it every night for 8 months). So when talking to Austin a couple months ago, we thought it would be fun to have a "fair party" theme for Maisie's 4th birthday, but decided to make it more carnival style because we obviously can't have rides, but we could have food, games and prizes. We ended up inviting our whole neighborhood which has a TON of kids, which made everything feel even more carnival like with all the screaming, laughing and even complete with crowded food and game stands. Maisie was loving every minute of it, she would periodically run over to me and hug my leg so tight and smile so big as I patted her head and reminded her this party was all for her. It truly was so much fun and the weather was perfection. It was in the mid to high 70s all day long with a bit of a breeze so thankfully we didn't feel too uncomfortable, but unfortunately our decorations/banners didn't survive for more than a few minutes into the party. Oh well, that's life.

I also didn't get to go around and take pictures of everything because I was busy making sure we had enough food (pretzels and corn dogs don't make themselves you know) but I was able to take a couple randomly throughout the day. I think the memories we made will last a lifetime- this was definitely a party to remember!

phone picture- Maisie's invite & some of the decorations we made for the food.

Oh, how I love her.

Did I mention we did a pie toss? Austin was such a good sport. Haha

p.s mom fail of the year...bear with me it is semi-related to the party.
Thursday was really warm and sunny in the 70s so while Austin was at school Maisie and I played outside for hours and hours and hours. We filled her kiddie pool and put on her new swimsuit. I lathered her body and face with sunscreen totally forgetting that Maisie is SUPER sensitive to most all sunscreens (give me a break- it's been awhile since we've needed it and remember I'm 31 weeks pregnant and pregnancy brain is for real folks). I found a bottle in the medicine cabinet (I think it was mine- it said for babies on it, but now that I think about it I don't think it was ever Maisie's because she can only use certain kinds) and continued to rub it into Maisie's sensitive skin. 5 minutes in, she started saying she was really itchy and so I told her to hop into the pool and get her skin wet, she stopped complaining, but I should have taken her in plopped her into the bath that very second and washed it off with soap, but it was so nice out and I knew she would still want to play outside and I didn't want her to get a sunburn, so we pushed through. After we were done outside, we ate some dinner and I gave her a bath and that's when I noticed the rash all over her upper back, neck and chest. I even noticed a few spots on her cheek, so I gently washed her off. The next morning it was even worse and had turned into a prickly heat rash which had spread to her face. So anyway, this is a really long story to say that on her birthday party most of her upper body was covered in a heat rash- which couldn't have been comfortable seeing how it was so warm that day (and most everyone got a sunburn). She didn't complain that her skin was hurting her until after the party, poor girl. I felt so terrible because I should have known better, but such is life. Today the rash is a lot less red and irritated and thankfully not bothering her, but now I have to drop $15 dollars on a small tube of sunscreen- worth it, but still $15!? Come on.

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