Tuesday, May 13, 2014


There are just a couple hours left of Maisie's last day of being a three year old and as I sit here and think about how that is even possible, I just feel so blessed.

Throughout the day I took mental snapshots of her. It's easy to remember moments on special occasions, but I wanted to remember little things about her on just an average day. Here are some snapshots of my day with my daughter.

This morning as I was helping her put on her saltwater sandals (the very ones she wore on her birthday last year) I giggle to myself because I'm blown away by how much she has changed within the year, but yet her teeny tiny feet are still relatively the same size.

I love that she can eat a tomato just like an apple. She would prefer a little salt sprinkled on top, but the girl just loves tomatoes.

Watching her search for the perfect dandelion to blow into the wind. "It has to be white, fluffy and round like a circle mama!" And the way she eagerly puckers her little ducky lips and proudly jumps up and down as the seeds float away.

We went out to lunch today and when the waiter asked us "if we saved enough room for something sweet" Austin and I both sighed and said unfortunately no, but as the waiter was starting to walk away Maisie sweetly said "don't worry I did!"

As Austin and I were cleaning I heard Maisie playing in our closet with my shoes (always the high heels). I wanted to watch her playing without her knowing I was looking, so I stood back and watched her enthusiastically bicker back and forth with a pair of heels.

When in said closet, she found an old pair of ballet slippers (like actual dance shoes, not ballet flats) and she slipped them on and plied and pirouetted around the room which led to run/dancing down the hall and yelling "Mommy! I can never stop dancing! Ever!"

Playing our nightly game of "Go Fish" (her current favorite) not only is she so sweet about passing up her cards, but man, the girl is good. She genuinely wins almost every time. Tonight the ending scores were Maisie 10, Mommy 6 and Daddy 3

The way she hugged me every time I reminded her that tomorrow is her birthday. She would throw her arms around my neck and squeeze so tight because her excitement was too much to contain.

The last thing she did before falling asleep was give me three big kisses and telling me that tomorrow she will give me 4 because she will be 4. Oh and those kisses- a note to self never forget her big "summer kisses" they're truly the best.

Well, that's my little list for now, but looking back on our average day I realize that I am so incredibly blessed to spend my days (even just the average ones) with this little girl. She's my little ray of sunshine and words cannot describe how happy I am to be her mama.

Happy (almost) Birthday my Maisie Moo! I love you more and more each day!

p.s  Maisie's party will be on Saturday, but we will be sure to open a present or two and have some cake and ice cream tomorrow. I just can't wait until tomorrow morning when I hear her happy little feet run down the hallway to hop into bed with me and Austin- I can hear the excitement in her voice already. :)