Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The weasel part I: free samples

A week or so before our trip to Oregon we ate at a local hot dog place called Skeeter's. As we were waiting for our hot dogs (a polish sausage for me) Maisie opened her bag of chips and proceeded to tell us that she was passing out free samples. So I held out my hand as Maisie promptly plopped a chip into my palm. Austin put out his hand and instead of getting a chip Maisie told him "the free samples are not free anymore". Austin chuckled as he asked how much she was charging. She proudly exclaimed "4 dollars!" so he pulled out his wallet and handed her 4 pretend dollars. Maisie gladly accepted the money and pretended to put it into her jean pockets. After Austin put his wallet away he outstretched his hand this time expecting to receive his "not-free-free-sample" but Maisie smugly looked right at him and as cold as a three year old could sound said "I'm sorry but we're closed now." haha! Where does this child come from?!


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