Monday, June 16, 2014

Third (& last) trimester

Let's talk about this pregnancy shall we?

-27 weeks-

I have been meaning to do more updates (er... any updates) about this pregnancy, but at least I'm doing one now right? I mean I'm only 35 weeks along... haha

This pregnancy has been so smooth and surprisingly I find it passing by quickly (I think the four year old helps out with that aspect hah). Now that I am in the last 5 weeks I have a suspicion that time is going to drag on (and on and on), but we still have plenty to do before Ellie makes her grand debut, so I don't mind it. I am actually very much hoping she holds out until her due date or later because if she comes early it's going to be during Austin's finals week and as happy as I will be to finally meet this little babe, I think I can patiently wait out her due date.

 As for all that we still need to do?

1- stock up on diapers and other newborn necessities. Honestly, if I only manage to get diapers and Aden and Anais swaddling blankets I will be happy.

 2- set up the crib and changing table in our room. I was hoping to repaint them, but realistically I don't think that's going to happen.

3- wash/organize all her clothes.

4- buy labor necessities. A cozy thin material robe and essential oils- I'm thinking eucalyptus or maybe lavender?

5- plan out and pack our hospital bag. I way overdid it with Maisie. I packed her like 4+ outfits, games I thought we would want to play and food that I thought I would want to eat during labor (hah yeah right).

6- this one is a splurge, but I hope to get my toes painted (but a full on pedicure would be even better haha) I painted them two weeks ago and it was already quite the task then, that now being two weeks bigger I think it will be near impossible.


For some reason this pregnancy doesn't seem entirely real to me. It seemed like with Maisie's pregnancy that the idea that we were going to have a baby set in real quick and occupied my every thought. I think this time around I am already in Mom mode with Maisie 24/7 that I don't have to spend a majority of my time thinking about it because heck, I'm living it already. Just yesterday sitting at the dinner table I told Austin that I can't fully wrap my head around having a newborn again. Which seems so odd because it was so easy to imagine while I was pregnant with Maisie and I had never had a baby before, but here I am already having done it once (and almost about to pop) and for some reason can't fully grasp the concept yet. And it's not a matter of not feeling connected to this pregnancy/baby because I very much am- I already feel like we are a family of four, but actually imagining her, right now in my arms still feels foreign for some reason. I do find myself day dreaming if she will be a Lloyd blonde with Austin's inviting green eyes or a clone of her big sister with unruly warm brown curly locks and the truest blue eyes. How amazing it will be to meet this little girl- as unreal as it seems now.

worst parts:

Pain and general uncomfortableness of the following body parts including, but not limited to:
ribs, pelvis, hip, tailbone and feet.

My insatiable craving for Chipotle that's 200 miles away.

Being out of breath 24/7.

Having my first midnight full bladder wake up calls (I NEVER did with Maisie).

Not being able to sleep on my belly.

Pregnancy insomnia/becoming the lightest sleeper in the world. I feel like I never fall into a deep sleep... ever.

Pregnancy congestion and bloody noses.

Anxiety about labor, recovery and the changes in the family dynamic.

best parts:

Feeling her little (and sometimes not so little) dance moves.

Her predictable activity pattern. This girl is exactly opposite of how Maisie was in utero- she is active almost all day and then totally sleeps at night (is this a good sign for her post-birth routine? Gee, I hope so!) Maisie on the other hand slept almost all day and then partied all night long (no thanks).

This little one cleared up my skin that Maisie's pregnancy and post pregnancy hormones totally destroyed- I think I have had a total of four zits this whole pregnancy and three of them were in the first trimester when my hormones were insane.

For some reason when I'm pregnant I fall into an unplanned routine. It seems like every day I do about the same thing, but for some reason when I am pregnant the monotony doesn't bother me. My body feels better with the predictability of a schedule. I eat around the same times and go to bed and wake up around the same time.

Seeing how excited Maisie is about having a little sister. She already takes her duties as big sister very seriously- Maisie feels like she already knows little Ellie and I am interested in seeing if Maisie will still feel so familiar with her when she's actually here or if there's going to be a learning curve.

Having a baby shower this last weekend with all the great friends I have made here. It was so much fun to pack my house with such lovely ladies and celebrate Ellie's impending arrival.

The darling and tiny newborn sized clothes (especially little socks and pants) that remind me just how small this little girl is going to be. Is everything cuter in miniature?

Can't wait to meet you sweet girl! T-minus 44 days!

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