Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Birth story coming shortly, but until then here are some little things about little Ellie...

She has a full head of hair that curls at the ends (and super dark brown at that!), she sports a beautiful pair of olive green eyes and her sweetheart bowed lips are the most kissable things I have ever seen. 

She loves having her arms and hands by her face 90% of the time, but still enjoys a good swaddle. Her vice of choice is sucking in her bottom lip and she showed off this skill only moments after being born (case and point- the picture above at only a couple hours old) this made nursing the first few times a little uncomfortable, but she's a fast learner and it's no longer a problem (thank goodness). So far she's been a great eater and sleeper (knock on wood) and we all couldn't be more smitten with our new addition.

I forgot how sweet it is to have a newborn, especially one as sweet and gentle as our little Ellie. It's a special time for our little family and I am trying to soak it in the best I can.

This post needs more pictures so here's just a couple more:

sisters meeting for the first time

2 days old

From this morning-I finally caught her sleep smiling with my phone!
6 days old