Monday, August 18, 2014

Rainbow Lake

Just a few days after leaving the hospital we decided to brave our first outing. I had been feeling great, still catching up on sleep missed during labor and the hospital stay, but physically feeling good. I felt bad that we hadn't done anything fun while Katie was in town (no Yellowstone, Hot Springs, Bear World etc.), she was pretty much a glorified nanny for Maisie and a maid/chef for the rest of us. So I wanted her to be able to do something fun while she was here. We had made tentative plans that if I hadn't gone into labor by Thursday, we would go paddle boarding, hoping it would help kickstart labor (haha could you imagine a 10 month preggo woman paddle boarding!?) But since Ellie finally decided to come, we obviously didn't follow through on those plans. 

So after our first weekend home and Ellie being only 4 days old, we packed up and headed to Rainbow Lake (it's maybe 5 miles away haha). I sat lake side with my two girls while Austin and Katie paddle boarded. I tried to get pictures of them, but I don't have a decent lens for long distance shots (they were on the other side of the lake where paddle boarding was permitted and the girls and I were on the "beach" side). But I did manage to get a good picture each of both Ellie and Maisie.

Ellie 4 days old

Maisie 4 years old (and her sandcastle)