Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tautphaus Park Zoo

While Austin's parents were in town, we decided to brave the weather (it was rainy every day they were here. Which is insane because in the year we have lived in Idaho I don't think I have seen it rain for more than a couple hours tops, let alone for days!) and go to the zoo in Idaho Falls. I am so glad we did because even though it was semi-rainy, it wasn't cold at all or uncomfortably humid. It was refreshing actually. The zoo itself was really fun (and decently priced- all four of us could go in the future for less than $20) and also really pretty. Maisie thoroughly enjoyed herself and fell in love with a roaming peacock "he wants me to follow him... where are you taking me little buddy?" haha! It was a good day. I look forward to going back in the near future- it definitely exceeded my expectations.

p.s Ellie was with us too, but she was sleeping the whole time.

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