Friday, September 26, 2014

Ellie's two month check-up


Yesterday Ellie had her two month old check up. I have been dreading this day, but yet somewhat looking forward to at the same time for awhile now. Dreading because of the shots and happy because of the immunities (whooping cough/pertussis scares me to death) and since I have a germy 4 year old, who regardless of how many times I tell her to wash her hands still manages to pick up every cold/cough/snffle and stomach bug that goes around and I'm sure Austin being at the University 6 hours a day doesn't help with bringing germs into the home either. But I am so relieved that it's done for now. She was already a little fussy at the appointment because it was in the middle of her late morning nap, but when she got the shots she screamed like she hasn't screamed before. And her newly working tear ducts proved to be factories as hot tears streamed down her cheeks (she had just started crying real tears just days prior to her appointment). It's the most heartbreaking thing to see those real tears, especially when it's a pain cry. If only she understood that we are protecting her and not wanting her to be in pain. I quickly nursed her back to baby bliss and made our way home.

Ellie has finally surpassed Maisie on the growth charts- despite being a 1/2 pound heavier than Maisie at birth, Ellie has proved to be more dainty than her big sister (probably because she actually sleeps more at night, rather than Maisie thinking I was an open all night buffet), until this appointment. Baby girl has been averaging a pound every two weeks (what!?) and continues to impress the doctor with her steady growth and sweet demeanor.

Let's get to the stats... I'm also going to add in her weight and height from her appointment with the lactation consultant when she was 7 weeks old because of her nursing strike.

 7 pounds 8 oz & 19 (?) inches

5 days:
7 pounds 9 oz & 19.5 inches

2 weeks:
7 pounds 14 oz & 20.5 inches

7 weeks:
10 pounds 8oz & 21.7 inches

9 weeks/ 2 month:
11 pounds 6oz & 22.3 inches
62% percentile in weight and 46% percentile in height

Our little Hazelnut is chunking out nicely (please reference above photo for evidence of her glorious cheeks), where she was so long and petite before, she now has rolls (on rolls). I love this yummy squishy stage because it produces some of the best cuddles around.

I am one proud mama.