Saturday, September 20, 2014

Memorial Day @ Egin Lake

We have now been living in Idaho for a year now and we would always hear people talking about the "sand dunes". We didn't really pay much attention to it or were even interested in going because we don't have any recreational toys (ATVs, dirt bikes, rock crawlers etc.) so we never made our way over there. Finally on memorial day, we were bored and craving some outdoor time, so we decided to venture over there and see what all the hype was about. Along with Rexburg Rapids, this is another spot I wish we would have taken advantage of more this summer...


You can see some of the sand in the background- this is on the very edge of the sand dunes. Further down are mountains of sand. It was massive! It looked like the Goby desert... no joke! Our friend told us that people get lost all the time, especially once it gets dark and you are completely surrounded by sand and unable to see anything else. Yeahhhh no thanks.



5 weeks old and loving the sunshine and fresh air.