Saturday, September 20, 2014

Porter Park

There's a park by our house that has a splash area that we frequented a handful times this summer. We probably would have gone more than that, but on hot days/weekends it was crazy crowded and difficult to keep an eye on our overly excited 4 year old. Instead we preferred setting up our kiddie pool and/or sprinkler in the front yard while visiting with our friends and neighbors, but it was still fun to venture out to the park and take in the sounds of summer.





This summer was amazing! Perfectly dry and hot, without being too scorching or humid. I now see why people put up with the insanely cold Idaho winters because the spring and summers here are perfect (I know this may be sacrilegious, but dare I say, better than summers in Oregon?). Except for this August... I would say 70% of August was stormy and filled with monsoon like storms- rain and hail and super loud thunder and lightening. At first it really upset me because I felt like summer just disappeared without a chance to soak it all in, but in hindsight I am truly thankful for all the indoor time that I spent cuddling my two girls. Summer eventually came back this month and we are now currently bringing in autumn with high 70s low 80s. No complaints here.