Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rexburg Rapids



5 weeks old
 Ellie didn't go swimming, but she lounged around in her/Maisie's old swimsuit anyway
Here's Maisie at 2 months old wearing it.


This place was really fun and I wish we would have gone more than once before it closed for the summer, but now we know next summer to get a season pass or something. We just waited too long in the summer to go. I  wasn't up for it while being massively pregnant and then pretty much the whole month of August was a stormy mess. Finally when the good weather returned (thank heaven it did because I was getting nervous it would never come back) we were able to FINALLY go. Maisie loved it and is already excited for next summer and I am too because we will have an adorable 1 year old to enjoy it with as well. Let's cross our fingers that little Ellie is a water baby like her big sister!