Friday, October 24, 2014

3 months

Ellie is 3 months old today. It's unreal. I remember time passing rather quickly when Maisie was a baby, but this is just ridiculous! Tell me, does time seem to pass more swiftly with every additional child?

 Let me just get this out there so it can actually start to sink in...

Ellie. Is. Not. A. "Newborn". Any. More.

What!? I no longer have a newborn? Is this real life?!
To the second, 3 months ago I was beyond exhausted, in the hospital and proudly cuddling my sweet baby. And I was in love then, but boy, do I love her to pieces now. To a degree I am mourning the newborn stage, but as Austin says "this stage is so much better because we actually know Ellie and her personality" I suppose he's right, but I already miss those newborn flour sack snuggles.

But this? Yeah, I'll take this any day.

What's Ellie been up to?

The Basics:
Ellie is chubs. Thigh, arm and wrist rolls days.

She's fairly long- her 3 month footies are already almost too small for her.

Her hair- she still has it! Including the darling tuft of swirls on top.

Her eyes are now blue and almost identical to Maisie's true blue, but just a little darker.

chewing and sucking on her hand and fingers. This inevitably leads to lots of cute baby gags, but thankfully no spit up.

Scooting on her back by pushing her legs out.

Talking. Boy, does chattiness run in our genes.

I have never met such a gassy baby. Seriously, she's the queen of flatulence. I gave up dairy almost two months ago thinking she might have a sensitivity, but it seems unchanged. Her gas doesn't seem to bother her and we all, Maisie included, think it's pretty hilarious.

She can roll onto her side from her back, but then gets stuck.

daddy's whistle.

Being swaddled.

The swing we are borrowing from our friends.

Her pluggie (pacifier)

Mornings. Oh blissful mornings. Happy babes in mama and daddy's bed.

Diaper changes- she's all smiles when she gets her diaper changed.

the tv (even though we don't let her watch it, she sure does try.)

her schedule.

Baths especially if it includes lavender essential oil.

being in her "birthday suit".

This song from The many adventures of Winnie the pooh, Austin started singing it to her one day and she always smiles as we try to make her "exercise".

Chewing on her dragonfly teether.

Being sick. Little girl is just getting over her very first cold.

Waiting to be fed.

When Maisie screams "BOO!" really loudly. Which is more frequent than you'd think. Halloween is Maisie's favorite holiday after all.

Any long interruptions to her schedule, but we value flexibility around here, so sometimes we don't exactly stick to schedule.

Getting her neck cleaned out (yuck!)

Nasal aspirators. Enough said right?

Any oral medications or vitamins. Maisie LOVED any form of medicine (I mean it's usually sickly sweet so of course kids love it) but Ellie HATES it. I mean full on. If I do manage to get any in her mouth she will hoard it until she can let it dribble down her chin. And if by any extremely rare chance she swallows any, she will spit it up and she never spits up. Now that's stubborn. How am I supposed to give her the Vitamin D drops?!

Things to remember:
The way she shuffles her feet and does her excited smile (wide eyes, crinkled nose and mouth wide open) when she's about to be picked up.

When she's "talking" (it's more like squawks, squeals and some variegated babbling- but we like to pretend she's telling us stories) it inevitably ends with her complaining. Complete with serious eyebrows.

The way she watches Maisie. It's like she already thinks Maisie is the coolest thing ever. 

Her beautifully pathetic bottom lip when she's crying. She does the full on puppy dog pout and as sad as it is that she's upset, that little turned down lip just is so darn cute.

The way she's so comforted by simply holding her hand or placing a hand on her stomach.

The way she softly opens and closes her hands while she's eating. Or even better, the way she contently smiles after she's full.

Her profile. She has such delicate and teeny features, but they're combined with the most scrumptious cheeks that when I look at her sweet profile being held up by her tiny, but strong neck I just die. She's incredibly kissable people. I dare you not be tempted to smother her with kisses when you see her.

What is it with sleeping babies that make me melt? I mean to this day when I see Maisie sleeping I feel like my heart is about to burst and now I have double the heart melting moments. Nothing beats a baby who is so comfortable being in your arms that they fall asleep without any work from you.