Sunday, October 12, 2014

Big Springs



with the pluggie...

after I pulled the pluggie out. haha! So serious!

See the trout?


After Mesa Falls we traveled another 20 or so minutes to Big Springs near Island Park, to feed the wild trout. Unfortunately the fish were a little shy and so we were only able to see a handful of them rather than the normally large amount that frequent the area. Even though the fish didn't show up the place was beautiful! The water was crystal clear- plus it almost looked like clovers were growing under water (reference trout picture above).

I'm glad we were able to see so many different things in Idaho before the weather turns for the worse. Making friends with locals has really changed our outlook on Idaho. It truly is a beautiful place with so many things to see and even when we get homesick for our beloved Oregon, I am still happy that we live here right now.

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