Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gone trick or treatin'






This year we took forever to decide on what to be for Halloween. We had originally planned either Peter Pan or Alice and Wonderland themes (Mary Poppins was also a contender) but we wanted to spend as little money as possible and also make Maisie happy. So after weeks of throwing around ideas we finally decided on a fishing theme. Maisie the mermaid, Ellie the fish and Austin and I would be anglers. Our sweet friends let us borrow some of their fishing garb and it made for some laughs- look at Austin in those waders. So funny!

We lucked out on weather because that day it was 72 degrees and even that night wasn't cold at all. Last year we were frozen by the end of it all and required emergency hot coco, but this year we were comfortable. Also, to add to the fun, Austin's parents came to town to visit before the weather gets too bad and we can't easily go visit each other. Maisie was in heaven having grams and gramps (her nicknames she gave them). We came home ate Jimmy Johns (Maisie's favorite), made witches brew (complete with cauldron and dry ice) and ate candy and halloween cookies. 

my first time using royal icing... it didn't turn out too bad seeing that I didn't have the proper piping bags or tips and just used a ziplock with the corner cut off... haha!

It was a very fun Halloween. And let the records show... I now officially don't mind (too much) if it snows. Which is probably a good thing because check out the forecast this week:


Yuppp... it's getting cold fast. You see those 27s? Those are the HIGHS for that day. Don't even get me started on those lows...Yikes!

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