Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ellie @ 5 months old + 4 month appointment

Seriously Ellie? Could you be any sweeter?

I'm a little late on posting Ellie's 4 (and a half) month appointment, but all went well. Little girl is indeed little, but still healthy and happy. This round of shots hit her harder than last time. Sore legs, fever, mostly sleepy, but she handled it like a champ- lots of snuggles and lavender baths helped.

 7 lbs 8 oz & 19 (?) inches

5 days:
7 lbs 9 oz & 19.5 inches

2 weeks:
7 lbs 14 oz & 20.5 inches

7 weeks:
10 lbs 8oz & 21.7 inches

9 weeks/ 2 months:
11 lbs 6oz & 22.3 inches

4.5 months:
14 lbs & 24.3 inches
33% in weight & 22% in height

Ellie around 4.5 months started being able to wiggle her arm out after she rolled over onto her stomach. She didn't put too much effort into trying to roll back over.

January 4th Ellie skipped just rolling back onto her back and instead started continuously rolling... ie "log rolling" and it's been nonstop from there.

wearing size 3 diapers - mostly because we bought a big pack of diapers from costco and we were afraid that she would out grow the pack of 2s before running out of diapers. she could definitely still fit in 2s.

fake sneezing noises- almost always cracks her up, but never fails to make her smile.

roaring (man, can this girl roar), blowing spit bubbles, chewing on every thing
diaper changes

talking- favorite/current sounds: mama (yay!), baba,boba, gaaaaa. raaaa

watching people eat... every bite she watches from plate to mouth.

Pokey the hedgehog that Maisie got her for christmas.

the bouncer at grandma and grandpa's- she was always so happy to have a spot of her own where she could watch all the action and jump at her leisure.

christmas lights

sucking on her fingers

white noise

obsessed with her Nuby teether

still LOVEs being swaddled, but we are going to have to start doing something else now that she's "mobile".

coughing not necessarily when she coughs, but when others do. It scares and/or wakes her up every time!

the trumpet- scared to death of it

her crib- one bad experience rolling into the bar and hitting her head and she wants nothing to do with it. I think she also feels exposed- any tips on how to transition her from her rocker/bassinet to the crib? Little Hazelnut loves being cozy.

applesauce- I gave her the smallest bite of some today and she HATED it. Other than that she hasn't had any "real" food yet. Thinking about trying some oatmeal and acorn squash this weekend though.