Friday, February 13, 2015

1st Ear Infection

So it's happened. We stepped onto new ground as parents. We have now endured the dreaded ear infection. Maisie has been really sick a handful of times, but other than an occasional cold she has an iron immune system. She has never had antibiotics or any medication really. So it all came as a shock when Ellie, our barely 6 month old already needed antibiotics. 

It all started when Ellie (and me) got a pretty bad cold at the end of January. She was incredibly stuffy and nursing and sleeping was hard on her. A few days into the cold Austin and I both noticed Ellie felt warm. She progressively became warmer and warmer until she was burning up. Even with a dose of tylenol it wouldn't come down. That night was rough. The nights before were difficult too, but man, this was crazy. It got to the point that Austin and I had to take two hour shifts- one of us in the bedroom with her and the other on the couch. It was almost impossible to get her to sleep. She would dose off, but quickly erupt in painful cries. And that's saying a lot too because Ellie rarely ever cries. At every one of my "shifts" I would take her temperature and we both became alarmed when it climbed over 103-the poor girl was beyond uncomfortable. I called the doctor first thing in the morning and Austin called out of work because of how exhausted we were and he wanted to help with Ellie throughout the day. The pediatrician squeezed us in and gave her an exam. One inflamed ear and the other infected and to top it off an inflamed throat. He prescribed amoxicillin which we were SO thrilled about - (did you pick up on the sarcasm? Ellie hates medicine. She refuses her vitamin D drops, if I do manage to get her to swallow them she will spit them up. Even Tylenol she will just let it pour out of her mouth). So Austin and I were dreading the twice a day dose for over a week. It was hard, but it paid off. Within a couple days she was back to smiling and laughing. We sure missed that happy little girl. We are so thankful that everything is back as it should, but lets all just cross our fingers that our little Ellie didn't inherit Austin's ear troubles!

This is what a sleep deprived and miserable little baby looks like while waiting for her prescription to be filled.

What is it about having a sick baby/child that makes you feel like real parents? Is it the way your child needs you differently? Is it because you realize that over all else having a healthy child is the most important? Does anyone else feel this way?