Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Oh this solid food endeavor has been crazzzy. I have tried homemade. I have tried store bought. I have tried purees. I have tried rice teether/cracker things. I have tried baby rice, baby oats and any/all baby cereals and I still have yet to please her pallet. Yogurt drops? She hates them. Small unadulterated bits of banana and peas? Hates them. Applesauce? She gags.

The thing is she's interested. Like really, really, interested. She LOVES watching us eat. Shoot, she even gives it an enthusiastic try, but it seems like she is just as disappointed that she doesn't like it as we are shocked.

I took it into my hands to do some troubleshooting. When I would make her baby oats I always mixed it with a generous amount of breastmilk. There's no way it could taste like anything other than the liquid gold she loves so much. I even made the consistency super runny so it would almost be like her drink of choice. Still she gags. 

bananas- gags.
acorn squash- gags.
sweet potato- gags.
all of these were mixed with copious amounts of milk.

I tried giving her a spoon and having her go to town "feeding" herself, but still, it inevitably ended up like the previous attempts... in gags (this time on the actual spoon she was trying to shove down her throat though). 

This is when I got sneaky. I gave her straight up breast milk via spoon... any guesses to what happened? Yup... she gagged. WHAT!?

So maybe she's just anti spoon/chunks/textures?

Last night she finally managed to eat something and even a really good amount of it... we have finally found her so far, only favorite food: THIS. And thank goodness for it because I thought I was going to go crazy after every failed attempt. I just held the pouch while she sucked out its contents... maybe it all had to do with method of delivery? Because she prefers taking in solids just like she does her milk. She ate 1/2 a pouch and was feeling rather full after.

Now I am scared for the inevitable constipation that will follow with digesting her first REAL food. But hey, she ate! Finally at just a week shy of 7 months!