Sunday, February 22, 2015

Maisie & Ellie's Tandem Doctor's Appointment

On Thursday we had a combined Doctor's appointment for both the girls. Ellie was due for her 6 month check-up and vaccinations and Maisie in only a couple months will be due for her 5 year appointment (and vaccinations) so we decided to take care of them together. I was a little nervous about how Maisie would react, but she was incredibly brave. 100x braver than I was a child. She proudly strolled into the Doctor's office and proceeded to tell every soul around her that she was there to get her "kindergarten shots". She sounded excited. I could tell she was a little nervous as they pinned her down, but I held her hand and looked into her eyes the whole time telling her that it would be over soon. She whimpered one quiet "oww" and then it was done. I spun her in my arms and told her how proud I was of her. She was beaming.

Then it was Ellie's turn. Poor baby still doesn't realize whats going on when they hold up the needle and sterilize her chubby thighs- she just happily smiles and babbles probably making the nurses giving the shots feel like real jerks. Usually Ellie wails a good 2 minutes after her shots. Then when she can calm down long enough to latch on, I nurse her and she goes back to being the mellow child we know and love. Normally you can see Ellie after she calms down think about the shots for a brief half second and her lower lip turns down in the most adorable pout with a quick inhale- like the breath before a good cry, but she catches herself and continues her post-trauma snack. BUT none of that happened- not at this appointment. She cried for maybe 10 seconds and then just... stopped. She didn't even need to be passed to me or even nurse! I couldn't believe how well incredible our girls did. Both were so brave and I couldn't be more proud. We really dodged a bullet- that appointment had the potential to go terribly, but it was probably the smoothest doctor's appointment yet.

We treated Maisie to a cherry dipped ice cream cone and then gave the girls a lavender bath. Both slept like a dream- Maisie even slept until a little past 8!

 We realize we are beyond blessed to have such healthy girls. I just find so much purpose and joy from being their Mama. There's not much I wouldn't give to keep them happy and healthy and I am so glad that they seem to be just that.