Saturday, February 28, 2015


We went and exercised at the University gym/indoor track. Maisie ran laps ahead of us and every time we came around the start again Maisie would be waiting for us just like this just waiting for us to finally catch up.

Maisie one morning made a "nest" or "cozy spot" on the bottom shelf of the changing table complete with the iPad streaming either Phineas and Ferb or Octonauts.

Maisie is hilarious. This isn't new information I know, but lately it seems she has been extra funny. Just the things she says and how she says them crack us up! I decided to write a few down...

Upon walking into the family room and seeing Austin on the couch:
"Daddy are you taking a siesta?"

"Is that Tom Burgeron?" We may or may not be watching AFV together...

Maisie had a really bad ear infection, so Austin had bought her a little special bunny stuffed animal to help Maisie feel better and she brought it to her doctors appointment. After the doctor noticed the bunny austin said "maybe he has had ear infections too." then maisie responded "Dad, its not real. If it was real it would poop on my bed." Yes Maisie. Yes he would.

"Ellie is really cute huh mom? But she poops in her diaper and thats gross." Truth.

"Mommy, the pilot fish is my favorite fish! Oh and the flapnosed ray!"

"I can't be sick! Now I'll have to cancel my summer party!"
The girl has been obsessed about planning a summer party in summer. I'm sure we will oblige her.

Austin: ok, Maisie it's time for scriptures... are you going to read yours first?
Maisie: yeah. The spatulas say... spatulas!?! I said spatulas! I mean scriptures!

"Oh that looks like a fun place to live... I want to live there. But that means I would have to live in Mexico... and talk Spanish... and I don't know how to talk Spanish."

"My mommy made blueberry bread this morning! I am so proud of her."

"Are you so proud of me?" nothing makes this girl happier than when we say we are proud of her, so we say it a lot :)

I could and should do a weekly Maisie-isms post. She is just too much fun right now. I love my little Maisie Moo.