Sunday, February 22, 2015

Maisie's Pre-Kindergarten Stats

Here are Maisie's stats from birth to her latest Doctor appointment a few days ago.

7 lbs &19.5 inches

1 week:
7 lbs 3 oz (gained back the 4% body weight + 3 oz)
2 weeks:
 7 lbs15 oz & 21.25 inches

2 months:
  11 lbs 1 oz & 23 inches
 5 month:
 15 lbs 5 oz & 26 inches

        7 month:
 16 lbs 14 oz & 27 inches

       9 month:
17 lbs 15 oz  & 28 inches

    12 month:
18 lbs 14 oz & 30 inches
18 month:
20 lbs 12 oz & 31 1/2 inches

 2 year: 
25 lbs (with clothes on) & 34 inches

3 years 7 months:
29 lbs 8oz & 37.5 inches

4 years 9.5 months:
 36 lbs (with coat and rain boots on) 35th percentile
height: 41.3 inches 40th percentile

Maisie has had a growth in the last year! Don't get me wrong, she is still so little and still tends to hang around kids who are a lot younger than her because they are more similar in height, oh well. Look out world- she's starting to catch up! 

We love our Maisie Moo/peanut/honey bunny. She never fails to make us laugh or keep us entertained. From silly dance moves, funny expressions and telling jokes that make no sense whatsoever, she cracks us up. She's sensitive and sweet, yet tough and spirited. She's a free thinker, a rule bender and the life of any party. She is always letting us know how much she loves us by randomly telling us throughout the day. And boy, does she speak my love language- the girl can give compliments and butter me up like no other. She's always saying sincere "thank yous" for simple things and giving the biggest bear hugs for anything that makes her excited, like preparing a favorite meal or reading an extra story. She's a force of nature, a beam of sunshine and is and always will be my little baby who made me a Mama.

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