Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Little Valentines




On Friday (the day before Valentine's day) I took the girls out in the backyard to take a few pictures. Maisie hasn't been loving getting pictures taken lately, most likely because she gets stuck holding a baby a lot. Don't get me wrong Maisie adores Ellie and loves to hold her, but her little arms can only take so much (about 3 minutes) until she's ready for a break. I don't blame the girl... Ellie gets heavy in my arms too, so I can relate entirely. Ellie is still trying to decipher if she likes the camera or not, so its hard to get her to smile unless Maisie is on "jump-up-and-down-to-get-Ellie-to-smile-duty." This particular day Maisie was too preoccupied by the swing set and trying to crack her skull open "swing." So it was just me and Ellie left to get some pictures. Ellie was more interested in finding sticks and leaves perfect for choking on and with Maisie moo nearly killing herself on the swing set, lets see here... 3 times, I called the backyard outing/photoshoot off. Luckily I didn't come away empty handed.