Friday, February 13, 2015

Sledding @ The Dunes






Last month when we were still buried in snow and daily high temperatures rarely went above 32 degrees, we went to the sand dunes to sled with our friends. Sarah and I stayed in the car with the two babies while our husbands took the crazy kids up (and down) the hills. I managed to sneak out for a few minutes to snap some pictures, but it wasn't until after the sledding was done, that I realized that the setting I had my camera on wasn't suited to the speed of the sleds and the brightness of the snow (notice the top two pictures) but I'm glad I at least got a few right?

With the weather we've been having lately (55 degrees!) who knows if we will get enough snow again to go sledding so at least we went once this year... thats more than we did last year haha. Also, to be honest I wouldn't mind if spring started and the snow stayed away. This last week as been so nice and getting outside without bundling up has been amazing. This may be wishful thinking, but the forecast so far is looking good!