Thursday, April 9, 2015

Big Hero 6

Love Baymax's fingers and Go Go's wheel shoes with "sparks because she's FAST!"

Maisie is OBSESSED with Big Hero 6... She wants to watch it all the time, or listen to the soundtrack on loop. The girl can listen to the song themes on Spotify and know EXACTLY what part of the movie it's from. Baymax is her current favorite thing ever, even surpassing Perry the platypus (from Phineas and Ferb). Trust me, thats saying something. Maisie has now decided that she wants to have a Big Hero 6 birthday party. Before, she was wanting a Lalaloopsy party which I was excited about because decorating would be so fun, or other party themes she was talking about- a mermaid or puppy party. But now she is 100% positive she wants a "Baymax party". So I am going to have to get creative here.

Anyway, since Maisie's other great love is coloring/drawing/writing/painting, she has put her artistic abilities to good use by drawing all the characters from Big Hero 6. She draws them at least once a day and lots of Baymaxs.

"nurse Baymax" on the left and "superhero Baymax" on the right (check out that kung fu pose).