Monday, April 6, 2015

Ellie @ 7 months (a late post)


the broom. watching and trying to grab it and chew on it to be exact.

this song

Anything in a wrapper- last night she played with a wrapped Almond Roca bar for hours.

rolling underneath chairs.

picking up tiny microscopic carpet lint and then trying to eat it.
the itsy bitsy spider.

3/1when i sign "milk" she smiles so big. she sometimes does it while she's eating, but has yet to do it to tell me she wants milk. UPDATE 3/9 she signs milk now to tell me shes hungry!! she giggles every time she does it and i respond with "would you like some milk!?"

chewing on my hair. or just pulling it. it feels awesome...

loves feeding herself- i gave her a slice of a nectarine and she throughly enjoyed mashing it all over her body and getting small amounts in her mouth. which of course made her gag.

playing "where's Ellie?" under her blankets. she's so good at ripping the blanket off her face.

trying to watch tv. Baby girl will crane her neck in very unnatural positions to get even the slightest glimpse of the tv.

Maisie/people watching.

being swaddled... STILL

Outlets... time to baby proof those bad boys.




Almost all food apart from Greek yogurt (especially strawberry) and little bits of bran toast.

Getting stuck underneath chairs or any tight spot she can't manage to get out of.

The crib.

When maisie takes toys (mostly unsafe ones) away.

Not being able to see any one when she's in a room.

When i save her from some precarious position... it's like i ruined her fun, but baby girl doesn't have any self preservation skills, so I have to do that part sometimes and sure, sometimes it makes me look like the bad guy.

When maisie yells really loud... about who knows what. Maisie isn't quiet.

She is starting to experience some separation anxiety, when I leave the room even if Austin and/or Maisie is in the room with her she will pout.

Firsts this month:

First nap in crib- she woke up 30 minutes later LIVID!

First pony tail:

First movie theater experience- for my birthday we went and saw Big Hero 6. After a good nursing session within the first 10 minutes she was out like a light pretty much the duration of the movie.

First time saying mama knowing it gets my attention. She usually only does it when she's upset and wants to be cuddled, but I'll take it. It is the most pitiful little vies for attention "aaaa mama!! Aaamamamaaaa".

First time falling off the bed... oops! Thankfully we have a low bed.

First time sleeping in her crib at night without being angry.