Sunday, April 26, 2015

One of those days...

Have you ever woke up in the morning and were already "done" from the beginning? Yes, I realize that it's not the most pleasant way to start one's day, but I imagine everyone can somewhat relate. I have had days that began like that, but ended up not being so bad. I wish that were the case last Tuesday, but unfortunately it wasn't- it was just the beginning of a day that should have stopped before it started.

Ellie ended up catching the nasty cold that Maisie was just getting over. Ellie while mellow tempered 99% of the time, being sick is the exception to the rule. She gets so sleep deprived from not being able to breathe well, that she is just unable to cope with normal life. "Sweet and quiet Ellie", we have since learned, has a set of pipes that can in fact, yell to insanity inducing levels. And boy, does she have stamina. Tuesday she was like the energizer bunny, except instead of beating a little drum and parading around the house, she screamed and she screamed no matter what I did, where she was and despite all attempts from me and Maisie to cheer her up. 

Austin had just started a new semester of school the day prior to "the day from hades" and upon looking at our shared calendar and seeing that Austin was currently between classes with a nice chunk until his next class (probably 2 hours or so). I texted him to see if he could come home, but he informed me he was going to study a little bit before his next class. Normally this wouldn't have bothered me, but that day I NEEDED rescue. So when a little bit later Austin texted me asking how things were going I informed him that Ellie had been crying/screaming non-stop for more than an hour. 15 minutes later and she was still going strong I ended up taking a couple pictures of the scene, hoping that the evidence of the terribleness would convince him to come to my or Ellie's aid (I guess that depends on who you find the victim to be).

These were the pictures I sent:


Ok before you think I am a terrible mother for taking pictures of my screaming child or by preventing my husband from his studies, please know that I wasn't completely in my normal state of mind and that I was extremely desperate to get Austin to come home for all of our sakes. I have to say though, she still looks cute even while blowing our ear drums out. Plus, that top picture with that lip pout? I am glad I have it documented because it melts me every time.

Are you curious about whether Austin came home or not?
He did. Of course he did. 

Plus this story has a happy ending:
Austin finished studying.
Ellie finally fell asleep.
AND everyone returned to their happy and healthy selves.

And that's the end to one of the worst days I have had in a long time. In retrospect it's sort of humorous, but trust me if I had a chance to go back and relive it, I would politely pass.