Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ellie @ 9 months (& stats)

This month has been a rougher one. Ellie has taken a turn for the worse sleeping wise. She has come to the conclusion that she is only comfortable snuggling in mommy and daddy's bed and is back to hating her crib (oh joy). This is mostly my fault for bringing her into our bed to nurse and then just letting her stay because I was too tired to put her back in the crib. Oh well, as much as I adore sleep I will never regret baby snuggles.

Ellie had her 9 month appointment on Maisie's actually birthday (the only day our doctor was available) and it was another double appointment because Maisie was having some stomach issues that we wanted to get checked out (all is well there, she just has to take miralax every day haha). Ellie is still small, but still consistent in her weight/height percentiles. 
Here are her stats: 


 7 lbs 8 oz & 19 (?) inches

5 days:
7 lbs 9 oz & 19.5 inches

2 weeks:
7 lbs 14 oz & 20.5 inches

7 weeks:

10 lbs 8oz & 21.7 inches

9 weeks/ 2 months:

11 lbs 6oz & 22.3 inches

4.5 months:
14 lbs & 24.3 inches
33% in weight & 22% in height

6.5 months:
15.7 lbs & 26 inches
30% in weight & 33% in height

9.5 months:
16.7 lbs & 27.2 inches
20% in weight & 21% in height

Maisie was also pretty little as a baby, so I was comparing Maisie's and Ellie's stats and Maisie at her 9 month appointment was a whole pound and inch bigger than Ellie is. I guess Austin and I just make some petite children haha! I have a few theories on why Ellie may be smaller though...

She is much more active than Maisie was. Ellie is doing stuff now (cruising furniture, standing up by herself and climbing on things) that Maisie wasn't even doing until after she turned one. Maisie was never a climber though, still to this day she is very cautious and doesn't enjoy climbing up or down things. Ellie on the other hand is a little monkey- there's not much she can't do... Well except walk and run and... Well I guess there's a lot she can't do, but you know what I mean. The jist of it is that Ellie burns a lot of calories for a little 9 month old.

Also she still doesn't enjoy most solids. This month she has been doing so good in comparison to the months before, but compared to other 9 month babies (Maisie included) she's not eating much. But hey, it's improvement and I'll take it.

Another thing being that they are completely different individuals. I think I had it in my mind that Ellie would be so similar to Maisie (probably because that's all I have ever known) and other than their looks, they couldn't be more opposite than each other. Which I'm happy about because I feel like I have the best of both worlds between their personalities.

Ellie at 9 months:

Climbing up and onto the dishwasher door.
I have yet to take a picture of her sitting on the door mostly because I'm too worried she's going to fall and hurt herself, but this picture will have to do.

Pulling all of the magnets off the fridge.

Finding anything that she could possibly choke on and trying to eat it (I can't tell you how many times a day I have to do mouth checks/sweeps and vaccuum the house).

Playing with Maisie's Duplos (especially the people- The Little Mermaid's prince Eric is her favorite.
Not prince Eric, but another Duplo man that she likes.

Gram crackers (or any kind of cracker for that matter), strawberries, Annie's white cheddar mac and cheese shells, rice and bread.
Side note: it's hilarious to me that with Maisie I didn't give her anything except homemade fruit and vegetable purees. And now with Ellie I just give her anything (within reason and usually something we are eating already) and just hope she likes it. Trust me I have tried the fruits and veggies, but Ellie- she's a carboholic... 

Playing in the grass and rolling down our little hill.

Baths... Boy, does she like baths, especially when big sister is taking one at the same time.

Drinking through a straw.

 Hiking trip

Time going on a bike ride (she and Maisie sit in our bike trailer)

Sleeping in the same room as Maisie (more on that in a future post)

Time standing up without holding on to anything.

Her crib (again) as mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Most foods, but she's getting better!

When Maisie holds on to her clothes preventing her from moving about freely.

When Maisie takes her pluggie out of her mouth, or just any toy for that matter.

When I change Ellie's diaper I always say "Pew Ellie!" And I wave my hand in front of my puckered face. Ellie now copies me. Whenever we say pew now she shakes her head and waves her hands back and forth. It's so cute!

Sleeping in the most peculiar positions... 
Jelly bones.

Getting on top of the dishwasher door and proudly sitting on top while pulling Maisie's brightly colored cutlery out of the silverware compartments.

Crawling super fast when she knows she's not supposed to be doing something. It's a guilty crawl if I ever did see one.

If I sit on the floor she will always come crawl on my lap and cuddle. Today she had a cold so she was extra cuddly. She pulled herself into my lap 4 different times today and fell asleep in my arms. I was sitting in the middle of the kitchen with a sleeping baby on me. That's what motherhood is folks.
This was her today, right before her nap in my lap in the kitchen. Have you ever seen a more pathetic looking baby with a cold? Poor girl.