Friday, June 26, 2015

Maisie-isms #2

-Maisie cracks us up every day. If it's not what she's saying it's how she says it, but lucky for us, she says funny things all the time. I don't think we will ever be short on material that's for sure! So here's a new batch of Maisie-isms to remember:

-Maisie's lullaby to Ellie:
God loves me,
God loves you.
Hollywood, Idaho, French, Oregon.
He loves everyone.

-While in Primary in church:
Teacher: what does batman do?
All the kids yelling: flies!
Maisie raises her hand reverently and when she's called on replies: he glides.
All the teachers were impressed and so one of them asked: wow, how did you know that Maisie?
Maisie: my mom told me.
That's right baby! haha

-Playing Doctor Maisie & Ellie.
Maisie: ok you need a heart transplant. take these pills so you can go to sleep.
 (she then lifts up my shirt exposing my stomach and proceeds to to create a long incision the width of my belly.)
Me: (whispering because I am supposed to be sleeping) Maisie my heart is up here.
Maisie: (whispering back with squinty disapproving eyes because I am not supposed to be talking) I know, but that's where your boobs* are and you need privacy.
Also, through the duration of my extensive surgery Ellie kept trying to climb on me and Maisie kept saying "Doctor Ellie, don't climb on the patient!"
*we mostly refer to them as breasts or just chest, but it caught me off guard that she said boobs and was so nonchalant about it and that's what made it so funny. 

-We put a red lightbulb in a lamp in our room when Ellie was in there in case of night time diaper changes or when we needed to find something (pluggie) because it provides enough light to see, but doesn't wake you up like a normal lightbulb would. It's a lot softer. Anyway, Maisie would always say it looked like blood. She wasn't creeped out because Maisie likes anything and all things creepy, but one day as she turned the light on she turned to Austin and I while we were laying down and she said:
"I'm dying to see you."

-Teaching her how to count to ten in German.
For neun (nine) she would say "annoying' so it sounded a little something like this... sieben, (seven) acht, (eight) annoying (neun/nine), zehn (ten). The first time she really thought we said annoying instead of neun, but subsequent times she did it just to make us laugh.

-Maisie cuddles up to me on the couch and says:
Maisie: I just have a question for you mama.
Me: Yes?
Maisie: What's romance?
Me: Well, it's love. A romantic story is about love or about falling in love.
Maisie: So the story of you and daddy getting married is romantic?
Maisie: Is it also romantic when you are in a love boat?

-I made corn on the cob and Maisie wanted the corn holders so she wouldn't get her fingers buttery but she couldn't remember or didn't know what to call them so she asked:
"Do we have any corn stabilizers?"

-Watching The Phantom of the Opera (Maisie is obsessed!) and when the phantom sings "in all your fantasies" from the song Phantom of the Opera Maisie exclamied:
"Fantasies?! That's phantom talk!"