Monday, July 13, 2015

Arizona Part 2 - Fires & Fireworks






Every night we were in Arizona we sat around the fire pit and told funny/spooky stories. Maisie requested a fire every night and of course Papa was happy to oblige her (I have never seen my dad turn down an opportunity for anything fire related... He may or might be a pyromaniac.. ok he totally is and he has the scar on his face to prove it). On of our last night and on Father's Day, Katie upped the ante and bought fireworks. I was excited because previously it was illegal to even light a sparkler let alone buy one in AZ so it was quite the treat. Travis, Katie's boyfriend, put on the show while we all enjoyed toasted marshmellows and/or a slice of pie to the glow of the firework display. We finished the night with Maisie making everyone tell a scary story each (of course) and she still talks about some of the stories- especially a skunk one that Katie and Travis told and then an alien one that Nana told.